What Can You Expect from a Biometric Access Control System

Although the biometric access control system has been used in various commercial and industrial offices, government agencies, and educational institutions is Singapore, it is still considered a new technology to a lot of people. If you’re considering installing a biometric door access system in your office, take note of the following when looking for a security systems provider.

1. Methods of Identification

The type of reader you will use for your biometric door access will depend on the kind of reader you want. This can be determined by the level of security you want to set up in specific areas of the office. For example, you can still use other access control systems such as the card access door and pin access door system for other areas in the office, while the biometric door access is only utilized in heavy-traffic areas for monitoring of the people coming in or going out of the area.

So far, there are a few popular types of secure office door entry lock in Singapore to choose from, such as the biometric thumbprint or fingerprint, voice identification, and facial biometric or identification. Talk to you door access control provider about which types will best meet your needs and what other systems you wish to integrate with the biometric door access system.

2. Durability of the Hardware

Make sure that you set up a scheduled maintenance of your door access systems to ensure that they are running smoothly. There should be warranty terms for the hardware and replacement of parts from your door access system provider in Singapore, because it will be difficult to look for readers and models in case they fail.

However, most of the items used in the biometric door access system were designed to withstand abuse because they are dustproof, waterproof, and scratchproof. After all, the biometric door access will be part of your facility’s security system that will be integrated with the intercom system, other security systems, and human resource systems.

3. Complete Required Software and Hardware

Even if you opt for a customized package for the biometric door access system setup, your provider in Singapore should be able to supply all the needed hardware and software. These should include intercom, wireless technology, multimedia, fingerprint or voice identification, applications to make them function and even cctv ip camera from Singapore to ensure optimum office security 24/7. Other features are also available depending on the number of doors and locks your facility needs. Talk to your door access provider in Singapore about the differences between standalone and computer-based access control and the wireless and hard-wired access control systems.

You can use a combination of these to enhance your security depending on the number of biometric door access locations and the size of the facility. A standalone access control system has locks on each door, while the networked type has a centralized control. The former is ideal for few restricted areas, while the latter is perfect for large buildings. The hard-wired access control is the most secure type, but it can be difficult to install. Wireless access control systems on the other hand can be integrated easily into existing systems, although they require very complicated network connections.