Tips for a Healthier Barbecue Party

Each day is a perfect day to do some barbecue cookout party. Lazing around in the pool or beach, sunbathing while enjoying your lemonade, and indulging your favourite barbecue meal have always been part of outdoor celebrations in Singapore. While most summer activities revolve on fun outdoors and enjoying delectable grilled meals, it’s still enticing to indulge on local barbecue favourites like otah and satay. However, not everyone gets to enjoy grilled goods as high-fat meats are often used for barbecue meals. So to help you come up with a bbq party wherein everyone gets to enjoy the meals that you prepared, here’s a list of tips on how you can have a healthier bbq party.

1. Go for Low-Fat Meats Instead of the High-Fat Ones
One way to have a healthier barbecue meal for your party is to substitute the high-fat meats to low-fat alternatives. Ask your Singapore bbq catering provider to come up with a menu that uses low-fat meats instead of the usual sausages, hotdogs, and beef patties. If you’re a health and figure-conscious individual, then you already know that a serving of burger patties with coleslaw and potato salad on the side, served sundae and lemonade already holds 200 calories. If you decided to pair it with an alcohol drink, then you’d be consuming another 500 calories.

Although it’s fine to spoil yourself during these occasions, going for healthier alternatives would still be a lot better. So instead of sticking with the regular high-fat patties, ask your bbq catering provider to serve lean meats like ground turkey breast instead, or other alternatives like shrimp kebabs, skinless chicken breasts, and salmon.

2. Incorporate Low-Fat Dishes with the High-Fat
A barbecue meal is nothing without salads and sides. Sidings like pasta salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, and coleslaw are the traditional favourites to complement each barbecue meal. But since these sidings are full of sodium and calories, it would be better if you just choose one Singapore bbq catering food option and substitute the rest with grilled veggies and fresh fruits. As you plan the menu for your party, ask you bbq catering provider to include some vegetable kebabs on your bbq meal instead of sticking to all-meat meals.

You can go for mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes for your vegetable kebabs, while pineapples, peaches, and melons are your best bet for fruits that go well with barbecues. If you’re looking for a potato salad alternative, then grill sweet and white potatoes, drizzle with some seasonings and olive oil, and you’re good. With these selection of side dishes, you’re sure to get full without ruining your figure.

3. Take Note of the Calories of your Beverages
Cold, refreshing drinks is one of the major factors to enjoy an outdoor party. But instead of replenishing your liquids with margaritas and frozen daiquiris, replace this calorie-loaded drinks with sangria or white wine instead. To add more variety, you can ask your Singapore bbq catering provider to also serve flavoured herbal teas with orange or lemon slices. This will help you quench your thirst without gulping large amount of calories.

4. Think of Food Safety First
Always remember that humid environments is the main enemy when it comes to food safety storage. If you’re serving mayonnaise-based salads and dips, do serve them in a bed of ice. Also remember that your perishables shouldn’t be kept outside for more than two hours, especially if the temperature on your location is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When you’re about to grill, immediately discard the marinade you used for your raw meat and use a thermometer to measure the heat that you’ll use for grilling.