Pros and Cons of Hiring a Live Band or a DJ

Can’t decide between hiring a wedding live band in Singapore or an experienced DJ for the wedding ceremony? Let’s look at the pros and cons of both options.

Hiring a Wedding Live Band

• Hiring a wedding live band in Singapore is cheaper than hiring a professional DJ. Musicians who specialize in playing at special events charge a flat fee, which will allow you to save more money than if you provide for the entertainment yourself by hiring different performers.

• A wedding live band is experienced with different genres. Most wedding live band are also variety bands that can play a wide range of musical styles. If you have a long guest list, it will be difficult to select songs that most people will enjoy or recognize, but professional musicians can help you come up with a wedding playlist. If you are not sure about their skill, you should ask for a demonstration (recorded or live) of their most popular wedding live music.

• Hiring a wedding live band directly might be difficult. If you don’t want to go through an agent to look for a wedding live band in Singapore, you might have a difficult time sorting through all the talent. Consult your wedding coordinator or ask for recommendations for a wedding live band in Singapore from an agency to make sure you’re hiring professional musicians with experience at weddings.

• Hiring a live band through an agency will open more options. Some entertainment agencies that recommend wedding live band also include entertainers for special occasions (magicians, dancers, singers, circus acts, etc.) and even have specialized function bands if you’re picky about the genre or style (jazz bands, choir, pianists, guitarists, etc.)

• Booking with a live band agency ensures quality and professionalism. Entertainment agencies specialize in important functions and events, that is why you don’t have to worry about the quality of performance and how you’re going to deal with the musicians. However, hiring a wedding live band through an agency in Singapore will cost more than hiring a band directly.

• The band might take attention away from you and your partner. A good wedding live music can be too impressive for some guests that they will tend to forget what the occasion is for. If you’re hiring a popular band, make sure that the important events in your celebration will be the highlights.

• Bands need breaks in between performances. Wedding live music from in Singapore needs to stop after at least an hour of continuous performance before they can resume, so make sure you arrange for an entertainment team to provide background music. But if you want music throughout the celebration, it would be better to hire a wedding DJ.

• The music volume will need attention. Some live bands have no control over the volume of their music, so you would have to arrange with the wedding venue coordinator about the sound system. Pay attention to this if you still want to be able to have conversations with guests.

• Bands are great for a show-stopping wedding celebration. If you want your guests to have an unforgettable time, hiring a wedding live band might work. After all, who doesn’t like going to concerts? It’s much better than playing pre-recorded songs, because the guests can sing-along or dance to the music while interacting with the band members and other guests. Band members also have great stage presence and can easily command the attention of bored guests.

Hiring a Wedding DJ

• Hiring a DJ ensures you get professional entertainment for guests. Do not burden yourself or a family member to make sure that you have music in your venue. Although some wedding organizers in Singapore can look for wedding musicians for your reception, some couples prefer a wedding DJ for a wedding party if they like dancing and upbeat music.

• Hiring a DJ includes visual entertainment. Experienced DJs who play wedding live music know that to get the guests in the mood for partying, they need to incorporate visual entertainment such as lights. Leave it to the professional when it comes to preparing the venue for a wedding party. However, you need to ensure that the venue will be provided with quality sound system approved by the DJ.

• DJs do not need long breaks. A wedding live band in Singapore will require breaks after 60 minutes pf playing, but a DJ can provide nonstop entertainment, because they will need to step away for only a few minutes. This will ensure that music is nonstop during your wedding.

• The DJ’s style might not be to your liking. Although most DJs have access to a variety of music, their personal choices might not be to your liking if you leave them to decide the creation of the playlist. Discuss this with the DJ days ahead of the event to avoid problems. After all, it will be easier to deal with one person than with a wedding live band, and the services are also cheaper.

• A great DJ needs to have good personality. Some DJs might choose to interact with your guests, which is a good thing, because it will be easier to read the mood of the people in the venue. But you cannot determine the skill and personality of the DJ until the actual event takes place, which can be risky if you want parts of your celebration to be intimate with your guests.

• DJs have more control of the volume level. Unlike wedding live music from bands, a DJ can easily control volume levels when necessary but still be able to provide music all throughout the wedding ceremony and reception.