The Importance of Having Regular Car Maintenance

Any car trouble can turn into a hassle, especially if you’re in a hurry or if your drive brings you some place far from any car servicing shops. In order to avoid ending up in such desperate situations, it is important for you to regularly keep track of your car maintenance duties. Getting regular maintenance sessions with your dealer can easily save you from dealing with frustrating mechanical breakdowns.

The importance of regular car maintenance cannot be stressed enough. In purchasing a vehicle, whether new or used, it must be considered a big investment on your part — hence it becomes a duty to follow a maintenance schedule to protect the asset from costly breakdowns and repairs. Not only does a constant check-up help you get the best performance your car can offer, but it also increases the machine’s life span.

In general, car repair is a broad subject composed of many aspects. It can range from a simple part inspection or maintenance to a vehicle’s complete overhaul. The repairs and condition vary with each car, which is why it is important to get your vehicle personally checked by a best car servicing in Singapore specialist.


While there are a number of people in Singapore with too heavy work schedule or tight budget to even bring their vehicle in for a consultation, poorly maintained cars can actually put their life at risk. Cars which fail to get a routine general maintenance check-up tend to act up and cause problems out of the blue, endangering the life of the driver and passengers with potential car collisions.

It also goes without saying that improper car maintenance prompts you to spend a thousand more dollars over repairs and surgeries. With that, it is greatly advised for any car owner to always consider the importance of having a regular car repair. There are many shops offering car servicing in Singapore which can help you ensure that your vehicle is not only safe but also at its peak condition.

Several car servicing measures must be observed to keep your car running efficiently and extend its mechanical lifespan. These measures must be undertaken routinely, instead of putting it off for a few months after a single consultation

You can check with your owner manual for a quick guide and run-through about the overall process. However, personally taking your car to a car workshop is still highly encouraged so it can be thoroughly checked by a mechanic. There might be issues you won’t spot at one glance, or existing technical problems that isn’t written down in the pages of your manual.

Tire check

The pressure of your tires must be checked every time you head out to avoid any related problems while on the road. This includes the spare tires you keep in your trunk, which generally often goes overlooked. Remember that the weight of your car is carried by your tires, thus they must be sturdy and strong in order to ensure its overall performance doesn’t disappoint.

This is one aspect to car servicing you can also opt to do yourself with the use of a tire gauge. It is important to point out any faulty issues, such as having an under inflated tire, for it can make your driving experience perilous as you hit the brakes. Tire maintenance also involves tire rotation to keep them wear evenly. This results to increased consistency and overall safety.


Having your brakes checked regularly is also essential for a safer driving experience. For one, the brakes are considered as the most critical component of your vehicle. Although they are often overlooked by many, car servicing centers in Singapore never fail to remind car owners of how important it is to get regular brake check-ups.

Thanks to the many advancements in technology, new cars now have improved brake features — but still, that doesn’t spare them from the need of undergoing routine inspection and maintenance checks. Operational issues must be prioritized as soon as possible to avoid machine failure and additional costly repairs.

Oil and filter change

Car maintenance also requires having your car’s oil and filter changed every once in a while. This is actually considered as one of the most common requirements to keep your vehicle’s performance at its peak. To keep things short, regular oil change is crucial since it becomes invaluable to your engine’s life. It effectively reduces wear and friction as well as directs heat away from rather critical areas. In turn, it makes engine parts run cooler.

Having a regular oil and filter change also prevents the accumulation of rust and corrosion and helps in reducing engine noise at the same time. This is one aspect to a good vehicle maintenance check that is recommended by most mechanics in Singapore since it serves as a key to a long and hassle-free machine life.

Other services

Apart from the key maintenance aspects presented above, there are also other services you must take into consideration to maintain a well-performing vehicle. Coolant levels must be kept filled to the correct level to prevent destructive engine wear and tear. Wiper blades should be checked and replaced (if worn). Additionally, batteries must also be checked thoroughly— keeping in mind that they generally last for a good 3-5 years.

Belts and hoses must also be checked regularly, inspecting if there are any leaks or cracks that needs immediate tending. Old spark plugs should also be checked, if not replaced.