Questions You Need to Ask Your Electrician

Finding a good electrician in Singapore is easy if you know what to ask. It is essential to find the best licensed electrician because electricity is an important resource that also has the capacity to cause injuries and damage.

These are the important questions you need to ask the electrician services company before hiring them.

1. What type of electrician services are available? Narrow down your choices of electricians in Singapore by looking at the services they provide.
2. Do you provide a free consultation or inspection? If you’re not sure what the problems is, it’s better to call in the expert electrician to inspect the place.
3. Do you provide free estimates? You can ask this during the site inspection.
4. Can you provide a price listing for the services you offer? Even if you don’t need other repairs now, you should ask for a complete list of services available.
5. Are there any special electrician services or packages available? Some electrical services companies specialize in specific jobs. Knowing this can be helpful especially if you own commercial buildings.
6. Are there any additional costs not included in the price list? Do you have an hourly rate or a fixed rate?
7. If there are damages or changes to the structure affected by the electrical works, does your electrician services company provide additional services to fix it or do I have to hire another professional to fix it?
8. What are the most common problems you work on? This will let you know if the electrician has any experience with your problem.
9. Do you have any experience with this specific electrical works problem?
10. Will you provide the materials and tools, or do I have to purchase some of the items needed?
11. Do you recommend shops or products where I can purchase replacements for light fixtures? Some electrician services company like power max in Singapore provide their own quality materials.

12. I have a fixed budget; can you provide a breakdown of all the expenses for this specific work? It may be possible to choose what you’re only willing to pay for.
13. Do you provide emergency repairs? Owners of businesses and commercial buildings should have a reliable electrician to contact in case emergency repairs are needed to avoid interruption of daily operations.
14. Are you a licensed and accredited electrician? It’s important to hire a good electrician with the right training and experience to avoid accidents from substandard work.
15. Are you insured? There is always a risk of accidents at work. You don’t want to pay for unnecessary fees in case of injury or damage to the structure.
16. Do you have any specialty? Some electricians like Singapore have more experience with specific jobs than others.
17. Do you have any additional training and experience?
18. Is it possible for me to inspect your credentials?
19. Can you work with special projects, such as installation, data cabling, solar equipment, and others?
20. Do you work with other contractors for remodeling spaces?
21. How about working in newly-constructed buildings?
22. How long have you been in business?
23. Who will perform the work? Are they employees or will you be sending contractors?
24. If you are sending contractors, are they covered by the contractor’s insurance?
25. Can you provide the credentials of the members of the team who will be working on the problem?
26. Are there differences in the rate of electrician specialists in your company?
27. How do I pick from one of the licensed electrician specialists in your company?
28. What are the differences between the different licensed electrician specializations?
29. Will my problem require the expertise of a master electrician?
30. Can you provide references or reviews? You can find some of the reviews on the company website, but you can also gain additional information from the electrician.
31. Is it possible for me to check any work in progress?
32. What are your experiences in electrical works at home?
33. What are your experiences in electrical works at commercial and industrial buildings?
34. Are you well-versed in the electrical code requirements of Singapore?
35. Do you have any experience in the installation of electrical appliances?
36. Do you have any experience in the repair or troubleshooting of electrical appliances?
37. How long do repairs take? When will the work commence? The electrician should come in early to start the work and finish it on the agreed time and date.

38. Will I be notified before the work starts? This is important to know if you own a business so that you can prepare beforehand.
39. The building needs electrical repairs; are you going to work with live circuit or should I provide a shutdown notice beforehand?
40. I own a commercial building; will my daily operations be affected? In some cases, the elevators are left to function while the work is ongoing.
41. Can I stay at home while you work and how long will you work within a day if the work takes several days?
42. Are there any changes I need to be aware of once the work starts?
43. Am I allowed to check the progress of the work periodically? If the work will take several days, you should be allowed to inspect their work, or you should at least be updated of the progress.
44. Do I need to apply for a permit for electrical works especially for a commercial building?
45. Will you perform a safety inspection once the work is done?
46. Are there any potential problems that I might have overlooked?
47. Do you guarantee quality of your work?
48. Do you have any warranty of your work?
49. Does your warranty also cover the materials you used?
50. If there are problems, can I contact your company?