Common Pests Found in Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Pest control management in large and complex sites such as commercial and industrial buildings can be a challenge because of the variety of pests that need to be removed. Unlike homes and apartments where the most complex pest control services involve termite removal, business premises have several different challenges.

Why are pests common?
Unlike houses, buildings have multiple entry points for a variety of pests, and this can be further affected by the number of people in the premises, the possible sources of food for the pests, existing structural problems in the building that have not been addressed, and the delivery and storage of merchandise within the premises. Poor sanitation and hygiene in general can also be a huge factor, especially if the company does not have a proper sanitation and pest control management in place. Failure to observe regular facilities servicing for plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and building maintenance can also exacerbate the pest problem.

What can pest control do?
Pest control management in Singapore will not only help you identify the pests that you are probably not aware are found within the building premises, but they can also offer solutions to address and prevent further pest infestation. Pest control services includes prevention of the contamination of food and water sources, improve sanitation and hygiene levels, identify damages to the structure or machines or furniture in the building, create a pest-proof building to lower risks of illnesses, and to undertake inspection of the premises on a regular basis.

How to keep the area pest-free?
Facilities such as hospitals, schools, hotels, resorts, government offices, food service industries, commercial sites, and industrial buildings are prone to pest infestation because of the number of people within the area. To keep these sites pest-free, regular pest control services is a must because sanitation and hygiene also affects the image of the business or office and the health of the employees or tenants. Pest control management will be able to identify the pests, control or eliminate these pests, and establish ways to keep their number under control.

Let’s look at some of the common pests found in commercial and industrial buildings that you should be aware of.

Cockroaches are the hardiest of the bunch, that is why it is very difficult to get rid of cockroaches in commercial and industrial facilities because of the number of breeding grounds, hiding places, and sources of food. They are highly adaptive that is why they can survive harsh conditions and develop immunity to insecticides such as sprays. They are attracted to moist and dark areas such as leaky pipes, sinks, storage areas, and basements.

There are several types of cockroaches found in most buildings, but you should not just be worried about the pests themselves, but the bacteria and parasites they carry. These can cause allergies and infections among the people who come into contact with food and items that have been contaminated by cockroaches.

Termites are the mot destructive of the pests, that is why it’s more difficult to get rid of pests and termites in Singapore than to prevent them from infesting the building. Termite removal is a long and complicated process, often with different results, because an assessment of the damage must be taken into consideration.

To remove termites, several factors are considered, such as total area, amount of infestation, the age of the infestation, the layout of the building foundation, location of the buildings, climate, type of termite/s, and the methods applied or used in previous treatments or pest control services. Accurate measurements are important in determining the chemicals that will be used, the renovations required, and the labor cost.

Rats and mice can do a great deal of damage in the building especially if the pest infestation is significant. Not only can they cause infections among the people affected by the infestation, but they also carry parasites and bacteria that can be life-threatening. Rats and mice can also damage equipment, create holes in the walls and ceilings, chew through electrical wiring, and damage the furniture. They also leave droppings and urine which can leave a distinct smell in the area.

Pest control management involves identification of the specific species of rodents that infest the building to determine which methods should be used. Sources of food, hiding and breeding places, and repair of damages to the structure are also essential if you want to exterminate rodents. After they terminate pest, proper sanitation and scheduled inspections are also required to avoid another infestation.

Ants are not as destructive as the other pests listed here, but they can be a nuisance especially in food and beverage services. They can thrive even in buildings that are well-maintained, that is why pest control management must be able to identify the species of the ants, the possible sources of food, and to establish a hygienic practice to avoid ant infestation.

They can’t make the people in the area sick, but they can damage the reputation of the business because they are associated with unsanitary practices, so call the nearest pest control management company in Singapore for an inspection.

House Flies
House flies are difficult to control and can cause illnesses of the infestation is significant. If you run a food and beverage business in Singapore, you should talk to a pest control services representative to avoid these diseases-causing pests from ruining your reputation.

There are several options to terminate pest besides the use of chemicals, including the use of LED fly killers as a long-term solution.

Mosquitoes are the deadliest insects on the planet not only because they can cause life-threatening illnesses, but they also carry parasites that can affect the individuals they come into contact with. Mosquitoes are common in resorts, hotels, and restaurants especially buildings with open-air areas.

Mosquito removal is also complicated because several factors must be considered, but pest control management can offer several solutions besides the use of sprays if you are hesitant about the health effects. Pest control services will also help you identify and address possible areas that serve as breeding grounds for these pests.