Common Aircon Emergencies that Need A Pro

Air conditioners need regular maintenance, event he modern models that are energy-saving and more compact than the larger, noisier, old models. Air conditioners are prone to a lot of issues as they age, that is why a scheduled aircon maintenance and inspection by a reputable aircon servicing company in Singapore are necessary. Occasionally, air conditioners also run into issues even when properly maintained.

Watch out for the following issues and call aircon repair services immediately.

• Air Conditioner Leakages. Leakages can be caused by several issues, but the most common culprit is a dirty unit or air filter. Leakages are easy to detect in most models of air conditioners and the unit itself will also show clear signs of malfunction if there are internal problems that you have not detected yet. The most obvious signs would be dripping fluids from the air conditioner, change in the quality and temperature of air, and foul odor coming from the unit. Leakages can attract mold growth, block the drainage, and damage the condenser so call the aircon maintenance crew as soon as possible if the unit has not been inspected for more than six months.

• Unit Will Not Turn On. When the air conditioner fails to turn on even after you checked if it’s connected to a power outlet, it could indicate several issues. Check the thermostat for issues or inspect the transformer first, then look for signs of burnt wires. You can usually tell if there are burnt parts from the odor coming from the unit. Call the nearest aircon servicing company in Singapore to deal with the problem. It is not recommended that you open or dismantle the unit yourself to avoid further damage. Unplug the unit and wait for the licensed aircon technician to inspect it.

• Thermostat Issues. The thermostat needs regular fine-tuning because it is prone to a lot of problems. After all, it is the tool that regulates the temperature of the room and the time the unit produces cool air. Fluctuations in the temperature may be due to a malfunctioning thermostat that needs to be replaced, reprogrammed or calibrated.

• Unit Does Not Work. If the air conditioner does turn on but does not work properly, the refrigerant or the grill might have problems. A dirty aircon can also have several issues especially if the debris has built up significantly to clog the grill. Call the aircon repair services in Singapore to inspect the refrigerant level or to clean the unit if the grill is clogged.

• Noisy Air Conditioner. Most modern air conditioner produce less noise than the older units, that is why if it is producing unusual noises, you should call an aircon servicing company in Singapore to inspect the unit. The problem may be caused by the fan belt, rust formation in some parts, or a loose part in the unit. Some of these defective parts might need replacement.

• Unit Produces Foul Odor. The problem can simply be from a dirty filter, but it’s important to determine where the odor specifically comes from. Is it an electrical odor or a damp and musty odor? If you smell burnt electrical parts, then there could be mechanical failure in the unit or overheating. The wires in the aircon are probably worn down or melted and must be replaced. In other instances, the ductwork and heat exchangers might be clogged with dirt. If it is a musty odor, like damp socks, then there could be leaks in the system. Regular air conditioner maintenance in Singapore will reduce incidents such as these in the future.

• Uneven Heating. If you find that the other areas of the room do not receive as much cool air as the others, there could be a problem in the aircon’s dampers. To produce cool air, the air from the room must travel through the ducts. But if the dampers have problems, the flow of the air might be obstructed, creating an imbalance in the air flow. Regular aircon maintenance will prevent this problem in the future.

• Unit Blows Warm Air. If the air conditioner is blowing warm air instead of cool, then the condenser probably has some issues. Turn off the unit and visually inspect the condenser coil. This component is supposed to remove the heat from the air and releases it outside of the room. Most condensers in commercial and industrial buildings are found outside, which means they are exposed to the elements. In some cases, the condenser coils can also be frozen due to obstructions in the air filter and ductwork. Call the aircon servicing company in Singapore to inspect and clean the unit.

• Reduced Efficiency. If there are changes in the airflow, you need to check if the filters are dirty before calling the aircon repair crew. If cleaning the filters do not work, however, the problem could be caused by defective blower motor, dirty coils, debris in the ductwork, or a loose fan belt. Call the aircon servicing company to inspect the cooling unit and determine if the ductwork is clear and properly installed.

• Expensive Electrical Bills. Changes in the electrical bills could indicate a hidden problem, although this could also be attributed to other systems that use energy. Call a licensed electrician to inspect your building’s electrical works to eliminate other possible problems. If the problem seems to point to a faulty air conditioning system, call a licensed aircon technician to look for defects in the compressor valves and ductwork or determine if the refrigerant is low.

• Units Cause Sickness. If your employees are having problems in breathing or are reporting incidents of flu, cold, irritation, dry skin, and allergies, then your air conditioner might be the culprit. Have your units inspected regularly for debris buildup, leaks, and clogs.