Security Home Tips From Locksmith Professionals

When out on a vacation or even just to work, it can be easy to become a little complacent in regard to your home’s security. Opportunist burglars are always on the lookout for residents with poor security and strike whenever there’s a chance. In most burglary cases, entry to a house is gained through unsecured doors and windows at the rear of the property.

To avoid such unfortunate instances and ensure the security of your properties, here are 13 important security home tips from locksmith professionals in Singapore.

1. Always Lock the Doors and Windows When Going Out
Surprisingly, not everyone locks their windows and doors when going out. Even if it is just a quick trip to the nearby grocery or a week-long vacation, this should be the first thing in mind before stepping out of the house. Be wary that 59% of burglary cases happen even when someone is in the property. Leaving your windows on the latch, especially when you’re out, makes it much easier for passing thieves to break into your home.

2. Leave Spare Keys to Someone Else
Instead of hiding your spare keys under the doormat or behind a potted plant, leave your spare keys to a trustworthy neighbour, close friend, or relative. Don’t feel relaxed about hiding your keys in a place where you think it’s safe, chances are a thief will find out where you hide them. Also, if in case you lost your keys, you know you always have a back up ready.

3. Provide Adequate Outdoor Lighting
If you have not got any lighting outside your house, consider getting a dim light that automatically switches on when it gets dark or even just a standard bulb to illuminate your outdoor area at night. For added security, you may have lights with motion sensors instead. This provides lighting to your place, while guarding your area from a potential burglary scenario.

4. Keep Your PVC Doors In Shape
Make sure that your internal accessed locks on PVC doors are working securely and properly with its key. If your door’s key and lock mechanism seem to malfunction, engage a lock technician in Singapore right away to have it fixed or, if needed, replaced. A 24 hour locksmith service is crucial to address emergency situations anytime of the day.

5. Make Use of Double Locks
All doors that give entry to the inside of the house should be secured with double locking system, such as a deadbolt lock. Contact a professional locksmith to assist you with the installation and ensure your property’s safety from the threat of burglary.

6. Install Burglar Alarms
Installing an alarm, whether it’s fully functional or a dummy one, will make a burglar think twice about getting into your home. Even if yours is a dummy alarm, it looks exactly like the real ones, enough to make any thief to abort their mission. For real alarms, it is recommended to change the security code regularly to ensure maximum security all the time.

7. Limit Social Media Activities
If not necessary, do not publish information in social media that can be potentially used by thieves. Posting information publicly about your holiday trips and expensive goods provides potential burglars everything they need to know about your valuables and whereabouts. While it’s nice to share your experiences to your social media friends, at least adjust your privacy settings to limit the audience who can view your posts.

8. Change Your Locks Immediately When You Lost Your Keys
If you lose your keys and could not find it anywhere, this could mean that someone might get a hold of it. To ensure security of your property and prevent unauthorized intrusion, have your locks changed within 24 hours from the time you lost your keys. Contact a locksmith Singapore to have your home locks checked and changed.

9. Befriend Your Neighbours
Form a good bond with your neighbour; they can greatly help in keeping your home safe while you’re away. Ask someone to visit your house every couple of days and take care of letters, parcels, and posts piling up in your front door as this can be an obvious sign that nobody’s inside. If you’re out on a long holiday, ask your neighbour if they can use your driveway to park their car to give the impression that someone is home.

For optimum security, as well as peace of mind, consider doing these tips before leaving your house. The last thing you want is to return home after a long, relaxing vacation only to find out that you have been robbed. Contact a reputable locksmith company now and take good care of your investments.