Taking Your Pet to a Groomer for the First Time

The first time you bathe your pet, you should expect that it’s not going to be a pleasant experience at all. That will also probably give you an idea about your pet’s first trip to a pet grooming services in Singapore.


How do you prepare your dog for its first experience with pet grooming? And what services can you expect at the groomer?


Find the Right Groomer

You need to find the right pet groomer for your pet in Singapore to make the experience pleasant. You can ask your veterinarian for advice or your friends for some feedback and experiences with the different groomers. The pet groomer should be experienced with the different dog breeds, coats, and grooming techniques. Once you find the right one for your dog, book an appointment with an allowance of a few days to prepare.


Take the Vaccination Records

If you want to groom pet, some groomers in Singapore will ask for a record of your pet’s latest shots, such as rabies vaccinations to protect your pet and the groomer from the virus. You should also tell your veterinarian about your plans, if you haven’t already, if it’s still a puppy. Most veterinarians will recommend that a puppy should be taken to a groomer within 16 weeks after its second round of puppy vaccinations.


The Right Age for Grooming

The dog should be taken to a pet grooming in Singapore service as young as possible after the second set of vaccinations have been completed. Puppies are less anxious around strangers than older dogs that have not been socialized with humans and other dogs. If you got a slightly older rescued dog, it’s important that the dog gets socialized first before taking it to a groomer to make it easier for it to adjust to strange noises and objects. Don’t forget to take some treats, too, while your dog is still getting used to pet grooming.

Train Your Dog

Socialization is important not just to prepare a dog for pet grooming, but also for its overall physical and psychological health. Dogs who are exposed to humans and other animals will find it easier to adapt to different situations, such as being handled by a stranger during pet grooming. A few days before the set appointment, train your dog to get used to being placed on a raised surface, such as a table, to lessen the fear.


Research About Proper Grooming

By now you have already learned how to bathe and brush your dog at home, but you should also research about the proper pet grooming methods based on the type of coat. Not all dog coats should be treated the same way, because some are more prone to matting and tangling than others. Not all dogs can also use the same shampoo, conditioner, and brush or comb.

Observe and Assist

During the pet grooming session, you should be present to restrain your dog from biting or running away. Assist the groomer while he/she is trying to settle down your dog, so that the next trip will be easier. Reward good behavior and firmly object against whining and complaints. If you have already trained your dog before the trip to the groomer, this part will be much easier.


Dog Grooming Services

A complete dog grooming service in Singapore should consist of the following:  washing, drying, brushing or combing, trimming, nail cleaning, butt cleaning (anal glands), ear inspection and cleaning, and dental cleaning.